I accept commissions! Please download and read the document below which includes pricing, timing, what I would need from you, payment, etc. See the timeline below for a general idea of how things work, as well as some examples of my previous commission work. Thanks so much for your interest! 


Start Day

3 weeks later

1 month later

3 days later

Read the commissions document 

Send me an email with all the required information and pictures 

I will get back to you with a quote (including shipping). You will secure your commission by paying half the amount upfront (the other half once the commission is finished.) 

I will let you know that I have begun your commission

I will send you images of your finished painting, and get your approval to allow it to dry (retouching varnish will be applied a month later once the painting has dried)

Your finished piece will be varnished.

Finished piece sent 

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